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On June 9, 2015
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1 Point Wins review

1 Point Wins Details

1 Point Wins is a horse racing tipster service which supplies users with regular suggestions on races up and down the united kingdom. With average likelihood for choices coming in at 4.92 BSP one would not generally anticipate a specially high strike rate but 1 Point Wins still comes in with a commendable 31.45% average Given the title it looks quite clear that 1 Point Wins uses an amount staking system where there’s never a higher obligation than one point. As mentioned, 1 Point Wins is e-mail based with Andy although he professes that this may sometimes be as late as noon, sending out his choices about 10am. The choice procedure is not detailed however Andy says that he’s over 17 years of developing and expertise 1 Point Wins. Along with this he also says that he’s got a lengthy history of expertise and horse racing wisdom.

What’s the investment vs. the rate of return?

1 Point Wins are marketed by Andy on a subscription basis which begins at GBP20 for GBP45 for a quarterly interval a month or GBP60 for 6 months. Because 1 Point Wins is sold through Clickbank, in addition to the normal 60-day money-back guarantee that’s in place, Andy additionally offers an extended guarantee in which he says that when you have a 6 or 3 month subscription and you’ve got a losing month your subscription duration can double free of charge. When it comes to income, 1 Point Wins is asserted to possess created a gain of 292.01 points with only one losing month of 0.6 points in 2014.

What exactly does the product offer?

1 Point Wins is a service provided by a tipster named Andy that offers users choices for horse races. Whilst not a day-to-day service per se, 1 Point Wins will normally have a choice based on the originator. This will likely be sent out on the day, normally before 10am and no later than noon. 1 Point Wins has an average of around 2-3 wagers per day with a claimed typical BSP (Betfair beginning cost) of 5.4. 1 Point Wins has also reached an average strike rate of 32.6% using degree 1 point positions.

How can the product work?

Andy promises to have 17 years of expertise in horse racing gambling and 1 Point Wins appears to draw heavily on this. The truth is because there isn’t too much detail about the choice procedure but more and more commonly with tipster services, something is better than nothing.

What’s the first investment?

There are there are only three distinct subscription spans for 1 Point Wins. These are GBP60 for 6 months, GBP45 for 3 months and GBP20 for 1 month. There’s a guarantee in place with Andy saying that in the event you experience a losing month under 1 Point Wins, then you certainly will get an additional subscription months 1,3 or 6.

What’s the rate of return?

At that period of composing 1 Point Wins has supposedly brought in Andy a gain of GBP6,164.74 to GBP25 positions. This means a points gain of 246.59 points.

Is it true that the product provide great value for money?

Based off the information which is accessible 1 Point Wins looks like it does present value for money.


1 Point Wins does not appear to be all that different to a number of tipster services on the marketplace with one exception and that’s the cost. 1 Point Wins appears to be exceptional value compared to the majority of services that bill between GBP30 and GBP50 per month. This really is backed up by a sound guarantee. Yes, the outcomes are not mind blowing but I ‘m of the view that a tipster service should be viewed as a means of improving income rather than becoming a secondary income. 1 Point Wins may offer a reasonably priced add-on to this should you have a bigger portfolio yet.

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