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On April 22, 2015
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Epic Soccer Training review

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In case you would like to improve your present ones and to know new football tricks, then here is the correct plan for you. This product is designed for all those players who strive to find out the best way to master their football techniques and to sharpen their skills with the ball.

Epic Soccer Training Details

Epic Soccer Training consists on a PDF workbook with four modules, and each one contains from 10 to 20 videos. The key difference with other similar plans, which focus primarily on schooling trainers who coach a team, is that the plan is made for everyone who needs better private football skills, which is unnecessary to really have a conventional surroundings, they are able to do it efficiently by themselves.

It’s possible for you to perform 90% of the teachings and exercises in this application without help. What exactly does this mean? That it is possible to train as often as you would like, according to your own personal program. There isn’t any need to arrange any team assemblies! If you’re looking to enhance your own abilities, this really is certainly a tremendous advantage.

First Impressions

I was somewhat suspicious when I discovered the webpage. I have to confess it. Each time I read a review such as the one I’m writing now, I’m dubious; and I definitely was when I located the website in the beginning, but I understood that there were no scams, after reading its reviews extensively. Since they loved the independence the plan gave to them to learn football by themselves those who wrote reviews about it were actually devotees of it. I could actually feel their excitement relating to this football training program, and I needed to go farther.

What you’ll Locate

Once you have bought the application, you may receive an email by means of your login information. Following that, you’ve got to login to the website and start reading the content of the class on the page “My products”. The primary menu is very simple to browse and it’s all the needed links to Epic Soccer Training, plus tips and links to other classes of Matt, like Football 1000 and Epic Speed. It is a very helpful feature, since once you’re comfortable to the system of a application, using other ones could be powerful and less complex.

To the home page of the application, where you’ll locate modules which will surely assist you to improve your football abilities, you’ll be sent following your order. Additionally, you will locate the videos, and, I advise you to download and print the workbook, although they may be extremely tempting. I may also counsel you to purchase the hard copy, because it’s better to practice outside, and having the workbook with you’ll be extremely helpful.

Each module includes many videos associated with different issues, as I formerly said. They last from 1 to 10 minutes, and they educate you every detail you must understand to successfully include each person technique. Each module consists of over an hour of complete video length, although videos are brief. What this means is you will not just get a tremendous abundance of visual information, but in addition a helpful workbook. Particularly, the product contains this span of football training videos:

Module 1: 3 minutes, 1 hour
Module 2: 1 hour, 19 minutes
Module 3: 50 minutes, 1 hour
Module 4: 26 minutes
Have you ever worked out it? In total, there are almost 5 hours of videos. Matt all guides them himself and they’ll certainly help you learn a lot about football and to enhance your own skills. The workbook is really useful, and these insightful, well made and pleasing videos are its perfect complement for a distinctive learning experience.

Would I advocate it?

I’ve observed many football training programs. They use to get youthful and unknown trainers revealing tricks and techniques. Matt, on the flip side, is a trusted and experienced soccer player who’ll direct you. Since he actually is aware of what he’s referring to, for me, his lessons make all the difference. Tricks and his techniques are cleaner and a great deal more proficient, so he supplies a valuable and much more worthy model for anybody who’s learning.

For instance, a move like a feint needs fine differences in body structure which lead to failure or success. You’ll see the difference on these types of subtle details should you view a professional like Matt. You cannot compare you really learn from a professional with all the lessons via a proficient trainer or an amateur.

The system is really all-inclusive, there are not any special abilities it does not describe. Additionally, the workbook can help you begin and always leads you to the videos, which means you will not need to do lots of additional reading. The product is actually described in the videos.

One issue the application does not include is fitness (Matt has another plan that focuses on fitness), but this product is still the best for anyone who needs to enhance their football abilities, without the demand of a team environment.

Greatest Facets

Ex professional soccer player, Matt Smith, will be your trainer in all videos
High video and audio quality in all videos
Epic Soccer Training is an all-inclusive bundle for individual training
There are not any financial dangers: if you’re not 100% satisfied, you’ll get your cash back

Poor Facets

You can not download the videos. You must see them online.
Isn’t aimed at anyone who would like to coach a team or at trainers.


This really is tips from Matt Smith, former professional player and a great choice with helpful techniques. This plan will definitely assist you to better your present skills and learn new football tricks fast. In the event you would like to be a better player and you would like to know by yourself, without the need to collect a team that is whole, your remedy is here: become a legendary soccer player with Epic Soccer Training!