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The High Performance HandbookProduct Name : Eric Cressey
Program Author : The High Performance Handbook
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The High Performance Handbook is a product which really supplies a means of developing personalized training program and a customized. It’s simply like consulting with a trusted specialist in the area of conditioning and strength who is able to assist you in coming up with successful strategy to accomplish your targets. The High Performance Handbook is a product worth in because it will not really cost as much as hiring a professional who can design an individualized strategy to be invested. The item is layout in a sense that could help someone to generate a program basing it around skill, the individual targets and experience. Despite it being called a handbook, this program can be described as a whole-system with additional stuff and a well-recognized scientific detailed program. The High Performance Handbook is truly an elite level, practical-fitness program which means, training together with the primary objective being performance increase, in type of flexibility, increased strength and athleticism. It offers a greater amount of customization depending significantly on your present status of fitness.

The High Performance Handbook Details

The High Performance Handbook details are intriguing and astonishing while in the exact same time, supplies valuable guidance regarding several problems associated with health fitness program. The primary Operation Handbook programs was created and developed by Eric Cressey, as well as the additional content of Nutrients Guide through the Gold-bundle was authored by Brian St. Pierre, who’s Eric’scolleaue. Cressey is a well-known recognized and person particularly in the universe of fitness. He’s published articles and several books about fitness. The High Performance Handbook, the program, has the primary highlight being the high expand of review that is customized – flexibility and program that the system supplies. The key thought behind this ideology is the athletes and fitness-goers might have targets that are common on the best way to begin, however they differ. Here is the main reason customization of the program is quite important as it empowers you to realize prevention and performance increases of harms.

The customization procedure covered in the handbook entails a self-evaluation which enables you get and to assess your actual typical as well as your overriding position -range of movement which been classified as extension prejudice or flexion program -program. The system lets you pick your training agenda that is appropriate that you might select up to 4 times workouts weekly, 3 or 2. In addition, it lets you choose the type of particular fitness goals which you plan to reach and the options available include strength, athletic performance and fat loss.

Another characteristic of The High Performance Handbook is the exercise video-database. This type of database really comprises 201 person too as training videos that are exceptionally in-depth, but the huge variety of videos available will not matter, what matters most is Cressey training -fashion in these types of videos. He doesn’t merely perform every type of exercise and see you to choose suit accurately but he lets the pupils do the practices, while he trainers and organize the appropriate techniques and at the exact same time giving details on each facet of the correct position and appropriate motion through the entire procedure. There are considerable tons of thoughts that could drive you to make certain you get access to the product. Included in these are; discretionary nutritional guide that includes added price, a rapid reference guide, training templates, video database for exercises, worksheet with nutritional guide for filling up the diet particulars, which is broken up into 2 programs that are flexion and extension programs.

The High Performance Handbook program


  • Applicability. The High Performance Handbook is best appropriate for sportsmen, coaches of program trainers and sports. The program covers operation targets and several fitness techniques which help the people that have to accomplish functionality increase above average. So there isn’t any demand for all those people as the handout gives better training program in relation to the other sources to consult an independent professional specialist for guidance.
  • An elite level training is offered by the handout. The item is design to satisfy top-notch degree including Olympic amount for fitness pro- methodologies and know how which are often allowed for top level professional trainers.
  • The handbook is not false. The High Performance Handbook offers a greater level of customization and better flexibility that’s difficult to discover in just about any other training program that is accessible.
  • The item offers better choice. It uses adjusted variations techniques and never needing to spend more on high-priced gear such as the fitness center of the exercises which enables accessibility to the program. The program could be said to be oriented program for the reason that it takes into account while a few of them are simply using their dorm rooms, the fact that a few individuals are training in the reachable gear like the health clubs.
  • It’s extremely easy to learn and use. The High Performance Handbook is really adaptive making it to become simpler when using it as compare to other programs. It will not make any assumptions about your degree of consciousness with practices and fitness terms, but it describes everything in detail for better comprehension. The methodology is laid out right as well as the worksheet-templates are offered which enables to proceed with program more readily.
  • The program is relevant to anybody and it’s cost effective with its uses.


  • Though there are individuals with particular circumstances that are additionally effective at doing the said program, the program will not consider the specials wants desired by individuals that are wounded or with any other health conditions.
    The nutritional element included into the program thus needs added price to get it on top of a comparatively high-priced bundle of the item and isn’t a section of the primary program.
  • Any customer support query isn’t in a status to get a reply occasionally.
    The total expense of the bundle that is entire is comparatively expensive compared to other associated fitness program.


Although The High Performance Handbook has some disadvantages, it’s still quite suitable and powerful program worth to invest in, because it’s lots of advantages. The item is truly a must have program for the reason that it gives the opportunity to train the same as the sportsmen performers that are best known on the planet. You’re effective at achieving higher level of functionality or become a better fit -trainer with all the use and system of the techniques available in the program. Notice the handbook is not comparatively more expensive as compared to hiring an elite personal trainer.

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