History of the word shit and how it became Urban

Surprisingly, the word shit has existed in the English language for some time now. There are references to the word in Old English and its predecessors. That indicates that the curse word has had a long heritage. Its etymology is based around the word “scite”, which refers to dung. Centuries later the word would ultimately become shit or “shite” in British terminology. It has a rich heritage in the English language, though it is considered to be vulgar. Currently, it is edited out of many publications and removed from broadcast television. Track the history of the word and its modern usage.

Many Germanic languages have used the term from time to time. It may be spoken in German, Norse or Danish by local residents. Their words will sound vaguely similar to the English word shit. They share common roots and have spoken these phrases frequently. It is very popular among anyone trying to express grief or disgust at something. Many cultures consider the phrase to be vulgar and have banned its usage. Invariably, it refers to fecal matter or to defecate when used loosely. People have picked up on its popularity and used it for themselves in mixed company.

Shit can be used to describe something disgusting or to express surprise. A shocking situation may cause someone to blurt out the word itself. Some have found themselves accidentally saying the word out loud. Alternatively, some people may say “stuff” instead of shit. That may be more acceptable in polite society than the traditional cuss word. Shit has also attracted attention from many parties. Even the French have a word for shit in their lexicon. Their word is best described as “merde”, which is used as a noun. Similarly, “merde” may be used in conversation the same way that shit is said.

Censorship has often focused on shit and its derivatives. Defecation is often described as shit and may be shown in different media forms. Television broadcast will blur out shit and even the act of defecation. The FCC has set down standards for how to handle shit and any related activity. In recent years, some television shows have begun to say the word. Shit is becoming more common and may be heard during late night television programming. It is often considered to be cutting edge and daring. Television shows have made a name for themselves by using shit regularly as well.

Urban usage of shit may vary based on the location. Bullshit is a common phrase heard in Texas or elsewhere. Sometimes, bullshit may be shortened to shit during conversation. Other usages may include “shoot the shit”, which refers to small talk between two people. Young people have found new ways to include “shit” in conversation. That may include referring to something as “the shit”. That could describe a new album or video game being released. That is reserved for something truly special and cutting edge. Game players have also utilized the word online during their matches.

Often, shit may also be used to add emphasis to a phrase. A exclamation point may be added if shit is yelled out loud. People may react in different ways to shit being said in conversation. Some may find it funny, while other people may take offense to the word. Shit talking has sometimes been referred to as bragging in social circles. Fights may sometimes break out over shit talking in situations. Street smart individuals know how to comport themselves in public. Urban usage of shit has increased dramatically over the years. It has become a standard phrase that is widespread in the ghetto.

Creative use of shit has also become popular among people. Horseshit and bat-shit are new phrases that have seen some usage. Bat-shit actually refers to someone being crazy or insane. Ape-shit could describe someone in a rage and fighting for no reason in particular. Giving a shit means that someone cares about their role. Even blue collar workers have adopted the use of shit in conversation. It may be heard occasionally on the work site. Shit may also be used in a panic whenever people get scared. Accidents and other problems may happen regularly on site.

Shit is based on feces and other waste material. The U.S. Army has sometimes seen the use of shit in service. The latrine may be full of shit or shit may be improperly dumped. Even the food may be best described as shit on a shingle. Officers are often barred from using the word shit in conversation. Excessive use of the word shit could be grounds for dismissal. In rare cases, saying shit could be construed as conducted unbecoming of an officer. Learn the lingo and why shit has been censored. That may help people become well versed in modern day language.