Shit to stay away from LOL

The world is what you make it, and with the wrong decisions you will find yourself in a world of shit. Half the battle in making it in this backwards world is knowing what shit to stay away from. Understanding certain things that pleases the senses are nothing more than a turd coning it’s way into your life.

Farmed Meat- I’m not being all uppity I’m being real. Farmed meat does you no favors, go ahead try to think of something exclusively good that farmed meat does for you, and don’t come at me with body building benefits as conventional body building is not healthy. I made sure to say farmed meat because hunted meat from wild animal are much healthier since they are living a life intended by nature. When an animal is farmed by humans a couple things happen that alter the quality of the meat. Farmed meat contains high levels of cortisol, cortisol is a hormone released during times of stress, and you don’t need to eat that shit. In addition to living in a captive life farmed animals incur added stress from their corn rich diets. Wild animals also have a healthy omega 3 -omega 6 ratio while farmed animals don’t. The simple moral of the story is treat your food like shit and it becomes shit. Keep that cursed shit out of your body, remember what they say, you are what you eat.

Single Ply toilet paper- Let me share some wisdom on you, the man who saves money on toilet paper spends more on hand soap, unless he has a coupon. Single ply toilet paper should be illegal as it does not due what it’s intended to do unless you use a fourth of a roll, and for what ever reason it’s only about $0.60 cheaper. Keep your hands clean and stay away from that one ply shit.

Added Sugar- Not all sugar is equally shitty for you. The natural sugar contained in the fibers of fruit require the body to spend time and energy to break down and extract the sugar compared to added sugar that slides right down your throat into your system. The main problem from added sugar is it gets into the system too quickly. This causes insulin to flood the system to get rid of the overload, pushing your sugar into your cells to store as energy to be used later also known as fat. Trivia did you know that fruits taste so good most sugary treats are flavored after them?

News- With so many examples of news networks manipulating audio and video to push a paid narrative why even consider it news. What the hell are YOU gonna do with the news anyway? Are you going to stick a rocket up your shitter and fight the wars the news speak of? I’m not saying not to be uneducated, I’m saying that when you rid yourself of the news you see it all as the high school popularity bullshit that you outgrew in junior year. News stories are just that, stories, they are stealing your time, focus and attention with nonsense. If you want stories leave it to the theaters at least you know they are full of shit and you might even get to see a nipple.

Coffee- Drinking coffee is a game of pimps and hoes. You think that coffee is doing you a favor? You think you need it in your life, but in reality the need you have from coffee was created by drinking coffee. Your brain has receptors that react with the coffee giving you all those lovely effects you crave. When your brain adapts to the coffee it starts adding more receptors changing the ration of active receptors and inactive receptors their by requiring more coffee to keep the buzz going. If you don’t mess with coffee keep it that way but for those of you already enslaved, as much as it sound, quit the beans by reducing your intake or go cold turkey, just make sure to quit that shit.

Purified water- Purified water is too pure because the purifying process rids the water of it’s natural minerals which are essential to full hydration. Seriously observe how much purified water you drink a day compared spring water. Spring water is not stripped of it’s minerals and hydrates your body with less water. Be mindful of the water you drink and how well it works, who would have thought that some of the stuck up waters may be worth it after all.

Don’t be the fool of advertisers and understand the mechanisms of what you are trying to accomplish and know body will be able to take advantage of you. The world can be a shitty place when you are led by a Shit Shepard.