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On April 22, 2015
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Simple Golf Swing review

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If you are buying review of the Simple Golf Swing System written & published by David Nevogt, then it is likely that you need an FRANK, unbiased, actual review from somebody who has really read the guide.

I have seen plenty of folks composing not long, half-assed reviews to try to sell you something. Well, while I ‘m affiliated with the application, I have used it myself and also possess it, so I’m writing this review with that standpoint.

My aim will be to give an unbiased review, pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of the merchandise to you, and allow you to make your own choice regarding whether this golf swing system is appropriate for you.

I am not some professional writer attempting to provide you with a Pulitzer Prize winning review, but just a man who has used the system, seen how it works, and needs to share info regarding the Simple Golf Swing guide with others because I believe it’ll be useful to high-handicappers, mid-handicappers, and even low-handicap golfers that want to enhance their matches.

What’s the Simple Golf Swing System?

I would like to be sure to are in possession of a thorough comprehension of what the merchandise is, and below we’ll talk about the advantages of the item and what it really does, before we get into the advantages and disadvantages of the merchandise. I am not going to go into who David Nevogt actually is, since if you’re anything like me you do not actually care, you only need to understand how it can enhance your golf game, and what the heck this merchandise is.

The Simple Golf Swing system is broken down into 5 steps. Each step is described in detail (with graphics) so you could see precisely what the writer is discussing. Nothing ticks me off more than when I am reading a novel where the writer is definitely attempting to describe something visual, yet neglects to contain any pictures (sorry for the rant…).

David has done a great job in his guide of including comprehensive pictures which make do and understanding the Simple Golf Swing an absolute no brainer. The truth is, you can definitely tell that a number of the images are “in movement,” are are shot from pretty much every possible angle (face on, down the line, from above, etc.).

Nevertheless, it is necessary to note that only like “conventional” golf teaching, David firmly supports you to construct your swing on a strong basis, including the right posture, grip, alignment, and ball spot (although all these aren’t section of the “5 steps” I mentioned previously). Mr. Nevogt goes into detail on each one of these problems, and gives complete answers, while leaving nothing open to interpretation. It truly is a straightforward, powerful means of teaching golfers of all skill levels the best way to swing the golf club.

I wish I could say more, but David worked hard on putting this guide together and has helped a large number of golfers who’ve paid for this particular advice, thus giving it to you for free just would not be honest (and I ‘d likely be in hot water also!).

My favourite things about the Simple Golf Swing

There are lots of things I really enjoyed about this novel, and a couple of things that I did not especially care for. All in all yet, I believe that it’s worth the price of admission, and an excellent golf teaching guide. In case you would like to bypass the details below and go ahead and purchase your copy, and also you may do so by click on this link.

Okay, now after are my top 5 favourite things relating to this product:

1. It truly is not complex. Okay, do not hit on the X at the top of your screen just yet, I am going to supply more details on this one. What I mean by the truth that it’s straightforward is that the doctrine of the golf swing of David removes any extra motion, thereby keeping you more focused & linked through the whole golf swing. Whether you handling fairies are putting together a business proposal, or trying to boost your golf swing, the less moving parts you must sort out, the better off you’re going to be. Ensure that it stays simple…dumb.

2. It operates for all degrees of golfers. It actually does not matter if you’re a lower handicap like I ‘m (now about a 2.5), or a higher-handicap golfer, this system will simplify the procedure, and get you on your way to shooting lower scores. Actually, I’d venture a guess to say that the golfers who’ll profit most from this product are the ones which are in the 10-30 handicap range.

3. You do not want a strange appearing training guide (and therefore will not look like a dumbass on the driving range). This system operates with what you already have…your clubs & your body. You do not want a fantasy wizbang gizmo thingy training guide to make this work…you just download the publication immediately (even it it’s 3 A.M.), and get going.

4. The golf swing he instructs really strongly resembles one of my favourite players on the PGA tour, and I wonder if he didn’t use this same process to reconstruct his golf swing. The Simple Golf Swing system and the similarities between this popular PGA tour player’s swing are striking, although I don’t have any evidence of this of course.

5. You do not have to practice, practice, practice. Of course the more you practice the right principles of the system, the better results you’re going to get, yet, this really isn’t a ridiculously difficult swing change to make that can take you months. Exercise in front of the mirror, perhaps hit a bucket of balls and you’ll be prepared to go…again, it’s straightforward.

Now for the Disadvantages…

I do not understand if there’s a golf teaching merchandise on planet earth that’s perfect, but I figured in the name of complete disclosure & transparency I need to contain a few problems I believed that could have been better managed, and so could have made this a better product (again, this is a fantastic product, but the subsequent problems are only my view of what could have been addressed to make it even better).

1. You’re inclined to be shunned by your present golf teacher. This approach is very different than the typical teaching method, particularly with relation to swing plane and the right ball position. Actually, this approach makes more sense in relation to the “mainstream” education doctrines on such problems, but only understand they’re distinct… Nevertheless, your golf swing will look fantastic and I am assured you’ll be hitting golf shots that are better.

2. This is a reasonably brief guide (just 32 pages). This actually is not a disadvantage (it’s assumed to be straightforward after all), but I can see where some golfers would purchase this and expect it to be a 200 page full blown novel. Listen, you aren’t paying for the duration of the advice, you’re paying for the value that it delivers and how it can enhance your golf game. I do not personally consider this a negative issue, but believed it was worth pointing out.

3. The Simple Golf Swing isn’t meant for people who want to tinker by using their golf swing, or who are obsessed with the procedure. The analytic-minded individuals may find it to be “too straightforward” and so reason that it cannot possibly work. All I can say to you is give it a try…

What Do You Need To do?

You have read my complete, unbiased Simple Golf Swing review, and now likely have a very good idea regarding whether this product is your doctrine on the game of golf, as well as a fit for you. Personally, I believe that only the mental & short game facets of golf are tough enough, when you’ve got the chance to simplify your golf swing and reduce your scores by 7 strokes in 2 weeks for under the cost of an average round of golf, I say go for it!

Finally the choice is up to you personally, but I’d appreciate you ordering through the link below, because I am going to get a little commission which will empower me to keep writing posts such as this, and offer useful advice to the golfing community, in the event you do choose to purchase. I write about golf & golf products since I really like doing it, not because I am paid to do so:)

So, in the event you’d like to piss away friends and family by going from shooting at 95 to 85 in the following month, then go on and get your copy of the Simple Golf Swing system by David Nevogt.