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On May 5, 2015
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Venus Factor System review

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The Venus Factor is a women’s class for dieting and body sculpting that aims at delivering a female body physique with measurements which are aesthetically appealing. John Barban who used the Golden Mean as a way to recognize the ideal ratio of female measurement designed the training program. This ratio is referred to as Venus Index. This guide has been tailored by John to helping girls reach the Venus Index. In comparison to weight loss programs accessible online, John asserts that the Venus Factor plan is not a lot worse. He contends the class goes past the regular burning of the extra fat of the body. The reality is the fact that the guide is among the bestselling on-line plans with several positive feedback from users while there are critics of the guide. It’s this positive aspect that will drive anyone to give a closer look to find out whether it lives up to its acclaimed name to the product.

Venus Factor Details

The very first facet of the Venus Factor to notice is that it’s intended for girls exclusively. In the guide, John Barban supplies an illustrative discussion of the essential emotional and physiological differences existing between women and men. In his argument, Barban asserts the only means for girls to get the most effective physique with optimum outcomes is through a workout and nourishment protocol unique to female and not male. In his sex-specific strategy, Barban goes a step further by developing the nutrition and exercise strategies which can be customized for individual girls predicated on their height, age and body shape and size. He describes that what works for an individual woman might not work for others. The reason being the stature, age and body type of the one has a lot related to the actions of the body.

Four Primary Elements of the Venus Factor

The Venus Factor plan is developed in four primary elements which make up the entire system. The very first part is the key PDF guide, which may be downloaded for reading on any apparatus or print out. The guide includes an illustrated explanation of the logic behind the Venus Factor Program. In addition, it includes a detailed guide for the subsequent diet and nutrients guideline parts. The next part of the program is the Exercise Strategy. It includes a customized 12-week class the user can perform at home or in fitness center and a health club. The strategy carries a group of videos that are whole that exemplifies the way the user can perform each set of the exercises that are recommended.

The 3rd part of the program is the Virtual Nutritionist. It is a program made to generate a customized nutrition routine predicated on the details of an individual’s body given by the user. The fourth part of the Venus Factor is An Internet Forum. The platform provides a place for users to connect, ask particular questions and queries about the system. Users make use of the newsgroup system to share experiences and tips with each other. Users share and may also create sites and podcast for their experiences and make friends with other like minded users.


Despite the fact that the Venus Factor class may not work for all girls, the plan is definitely detailed with guidelines and reasonable explanation. The primary benefit of the Venus factor is that the program was made in a way which makes it simple for practically any user. The exercises in the guide are exemplified and described in a comprehensive manner in video formats. On the flip side, the customized meal plans don’t only contain advice that is detailed, but also contain wholesome dishes, which are easy to make with excellent flavors. For the users that are not old in the context of exercise and nourishment, the guide will not present any difficulty to begin and meet requirements set forth for them.

Another edge, which is not even worse, is that the user will not should really have a gym membership or purchase high-priced gym equipment at home to finish the work outs that are constructed. The class has regimens, which may be done by the users readily at home with nominal gear. It means the user requires significantly small financial resources to put money into the plan.

The third edge that worth mentioning here is that the diet plan embraced in the Venus Factor guide will not want extreme deprivation or competitive calorie counting of food. The diet plan is focused on eating entire and clean foodstuffs in an acceptable and appropriate ratio. In comparison with other plans that often suppress food consumption, the diet plan in the Venus Factor guide are much less difficult to stick to by many users. In addition, it instills a custom of making more intelligent choices of food among girls even after utilizing the program. This can help them keep an appealing physique and to embrace healthy lifestyle.


The primary disadvantage of the Venus Factor class is that it’s not always the most suitable choice for girls who’d wish to decrease extra weight. It’s because the emphasis of the class lies on sculpting the body of the woman to be able to attain a great physique. To a lot of girls, this would mean losing their body fat while adding vital areas of the body and muscles to be able to accomplish the desirable physique. Many girls hate the thought of adding muscles in their body.


The Venus Factor is a nicely-designed on-line established system, which is geared toward helping sculpt their body to be able to attain an attractiveness physique. The plan is recommended to any or all girls who’d need reach an alluring physique and to shade extra fat. The plan also helps girls to learn how they are able to embrace and keep a healthful lifestyle. Despite the fact that the greatest goal of Venus Factor is somewhat improved, it has been designed by John Barban in a way which makes it approachable and user friendly, even by the beginners. The program helps to ensure the user reaches a spectacular physiques with symmetric curves all within their right spots although a lot of girls hate the thought of adding muscles in certain portions of their body.